The MCCF publishes a weekly column entitled the "Federation Corner" in The Montgomery Sentinel
newspaper.  Below is a listing of those columns.  To view an article, simply click on the title.

October 2014
10/30/14  Lessons in civic activism on land use issues
10/23/14  "Government by the people" starts with voting
10/16/14  Including citizens in government decisions
10/09/14  Fabulous fungus
10/02/14  A capital idea (about the county Capital Improvements Program and Capital Budget)

September 2014
09/25/14  Calling all young people...or some, at least
09/18/14  Record-breaking land use hearing reaches finale (Wheaton Costco mega gas station)
County releases financial transparency website
09/04/14  Controlling the county deer population

August 2014
08/29/14  How civic groups improve our lives
08/21/14  Access to county services for an aging population
08/14/14  Presenting the Montgomery County Civic Federation
08/07/14  Software problems at the Planning Department

July 2014
07/31/14  How good land use plans go bad
07/24/14  Stumped about stumps?
07/17/14  Leapfrogging is not just for kids (toward a more nimble bureaucracy)
In land use planning, are small changes better?
07/03/14  In praise of grassroots activism

June 2014
06/26/14  It takes a village to raise a village (attributes of promoting prosocial behavior)
Civic action lessons learned from Farquhar Middle School issue
06/12/14  The 'rain tax' scam and other damaging county environmental policies
06/05/14  Federation discusses positions on transportation issues

May 2014
05/29/14  Council reliance on herd mentality puts community into double jeopardy
05/22/14  How vulnerable are county computers?
05/15/14  Three activists honored at May 9 Civic Federation banquet
05/08/14  News you can use (report on high schools, elections reminder, signing up for emergency alerts)
Federation salutes pedestrian safety activist Erwin Mack

April 2014
04/24/14  Draft 2014 Mobility Assessment Report released
04/17/14  Money in politics influences county land use policy
04/10/14  Season of campaign promises upon us again
04/03/14  Generic campaign speech

March 2014
03/27/14  Smart growth: county should lead by example
03/20/14  Debunking the Chesapeake Bay dichotomy of environment versus economy
03/06/14  Steep price tag for new Rockville elementary school

February 2014
02/27/14  Legislation to shift Burden of Proof in Special Education Due Process cases
02/20/14  When smart growth becomes stupid
02/13/14  Civic Fed honors electric utility activists Milstein and Hensal
02/06/14  First county Hackathon to be held this coming weekend

January 2014
01/30/14  County still trying to catch up to growth
01/23/14  Trees...ya gotta love 'em!
01/16/14  Meaningful citizen participation in government
01/09/14  Montgomery County needs a coordinated long-range development plan
01/02/14  Residents and new sector plan ignored as Wheaton redevelopment proceeds

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