montgomery county civic federation, inc.


Links to the resolutions most recently passed by the MCCF appear immediately below.

5/11/15 • Resolution In support of Zoning Text Amendment 15-07 to increase the buffer zone around mega gas stations (view)

10/13/14 • Resolution in support of Council Bill 41-14 to ban expanded polystyrene containers (view)

06/09/14 • Resolution urging non-vehicular paths in PEPCO R-O-W (view)



Current Issues

This page provides access to lists of current issues under study or being followed by the committees of the Montgomery County Civic Federation.  To view the list of Current Issues for a committee, click on the committee name below.

The agendas for the County Council, the Planning Board, and the Board of Education are available as a menu option on the websites for these bodies, which can be accessed via “Quick Links” at the bottom of this page.