Quick Links
The following is a list of links to some Montgomery County government websites and other resource sites
that you might find helpful.


Montgomery County government - links to departments provided on government homepage

County snow emergency response webpage

Dept. of Permitting Services database - check home permit applications and issuance by address

Dept. of Environmental Protection Rainscapes Program (including details of rebate offer)

Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs database - check rental licenses, housing code violation
complaints and more, by property address or name

Montgomery County Council

Montgomery County Code of laws, including Chapter 59 - Zoning Ordinance, provided free online at
American Legal Publishing Company website

New Zoning Ordinance, effective 10/30/14 (click to access
new zoning code on AmLegal website)

Montgomery County Planning Board

Montgomery County Planning Department

Forest Conservation Easements webpage - includes interactive map of locations

Forest Conservation Advisory Committee webpage

Interactive Zoning Map of all properties in county (click to access
zoning map)

Development Activity - includes Locator Wizard interactive map of locations of projects

Montgomery County Parks Department

Montgomery County Public Schools - link to Board of Education provided on MCPS homepage

Maryland General Assembly - link to list of members and text of bills on General Assembly homepage

Montgomery County delegation's website, including links to local bills in MD General Assembly

Maryland State Government - links to departments and agencies provided on government homepage

Dept. of Assessments and Taxation database - search ownership, lot size, sales and assessed
value by address


PEPCO streetlight outage reporting form (Note: PEPCO only maintains lights on wooden poles.  To fill
out their form, click "Open" in lower right hand corner of the PEPCO page.  Montgomery County is
responsible for lights on metal poles, and there is a link to the county site on the PEPCO page.)

Microsoft Silverlight free software download (required to view County Council and Planning Board
sessions live over the internet, or to view video archives of Council or Board session)

Audubon Naturalist Society

Conservation Montgomery

League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, Maryland

Montgomery Countryside Alliance

Montgomery County Taxpayers League

Montgomery Preservation Inc.

Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County

Sierra Club - Montgomery County chapter

Stormwater Partners Network

Stop Costco Gas (proposed station at Wheaton Plaza) Coalition

County Council District boundaries have been redrawn
Some residents may have been shifted from one of the five Montgomery County Council Districts to
another, in the recently approved redrawing of District boundaries.  This will impact their vote in the next
Council elections, which will take place in 2014.  To check the Council District in which your home is
located, click to access the
new map on the Council's website-- you can insert your address to verify.