List of Community Heroes
The Montgomery County Civic Federation regularly honors people and organizations from our
community that are heroes -- taking time from their lives, and working hard to make the county a
better place for all of us.  The following is a list of all those who have been honored as Community
Heroes from 2004 to the present.

May 2014          Erwin Mack, pedestrian and bicyclist safety advocate

March 2014        Clair Garman, Kathleen Samiy, and Anne Vorce, environmental activists with
                       Friends of Sligo Creek

February 2014    Abbe Milstein and Eric Hensal, public utility (electric power) activists

November 2013   Lyda Astrove, education activist

September 2013  Intergenerational Bridges, mentoring program for ESOL students

April 2013            Safe Healthy Playing Fields Coalition

March 2013         South Four Corners Civic Association and Harriett Quinn, for efforts in opposing
                      application for excessively intensive Special Exception in SFCCA neighborhood

February 2013    Jean Cavanaugh, Marilyn Piety, Naomi Spinrad & William Mentzer, for work on
                       legislation amending county Accessory Apartment standards and approval process

January 2013      David Reile & Barbara Suddarth, Olney master plan and environment defenders

December 2012  Sophia Maravell, local and organic food and agriculture educator/activist

May 2012            Brickyard Coalition, and Sara Shor of "Save Nick's Organic Farm"

April 2012            David Lucia, Head Coach of Montgomery Cheetahs, one of only three
                      special needs youth ice hockey clubs in Maryland

March 2012          Little Falls Watershed Alliance, water quality activitists

February 2012     Judith Higgins and Eleanor Duckett, land use planning and zoning activists

January 2012       Janis Zink Sartucci, education activist

November 2011    Neighborhood Montgomery, countywide zoning and land use education
                        and activism group

October 2011       Marvin Weinman, budget and fiscal issues activist

September 2011   Washington Revels

June 2011            Save Our Parks/Preserve Our Community Coalition, Rosemary Hills-
                       Lyttonsville neighborhood group

May 2011            George Lane, public safety advocate

April 2011            Gordon Clark, community gardens activist

March 2011          Mike Heyser, for volunteer education & training activities on farming and
                        local food production

November 2010    Members of the Young Activist Club at Piney Branch Elementary School,
                       and Sponsors Nadine Bloch and Brenda Platt

May 2010             Donna Baron, community activist

April 2010             Karen Roper, community activist

April 2009             Plyers Mill Crossing HOA, Plyers Mill Estates, and McKenny Hills Carroll
                        Knolls Civic Association

January 2009        Sandy Spring-Ashton Rural Preservation Consortium

September 2008    Dick Kauffunger, community activist

June 2008              Faye Nabavian, Pat Price and Al Geske, community activists

January 2008         Diane Cameron, environmental activist

December 2007      Harriet Lurensky Kuhn and Sue Ghosh Stricklett, community activists

May 2007                Eileen Finnegan, community activist

April 2007               Bernie Fisken, community activist

December 2006      Bette Petrides, environmental and community activist

October 2006         Steve Kanstoroom, community activist

October 2005         Clarksburg Town Center Advisory Committee

September 2005     Carol Green and Barbara Siegel, community activists

April 2005               Save Seven Locks School Coalition

October 2004          Laura Van Tosh, mental health advocate

September 2004      Bill Henry, Kay Cummins and VASAP Volunteers

May 2004                Ira Shesser, community activist

April 2004                Nancy Wendt, community activist

March 2004             Andrew White, volunteer fireman

February 2004         Dan Tuten, community activist

January 2004           Law Firm of Knopf & Brown