montgomery county civic federation, inc.

List of Community Heroes

The Montgomery County Civic Federation regularly honors people and organizations from our community that are heroes -- taking time from their lives, and working hard to make the county a better place for all of us.  The following is a list of all those who have been honored as Community Heroes from 2004 to the present.

2014/05 Erwin Mack, pedestrian and bicyclist safety advocate
2014/03 Clair Garman, Kathleen Samiy, and Anne Vorce, environmental activists with Friends of Sligo Creek
2014/02 Abbe Milstein and Eric Hensal, public utility (electric power) activists
2013/11 Lyda Astrove, education activist
2013/09 Intergenerational Bridges, mentoring program for ESOL students
2013/04 Safe Healthy Playing Fields Coalition
2013/03 South Four Corners Civic Association and Harriett Quinn, for efforts in opposing application for excessively intensive Special Exception in SFCCA neighborhood
2013/02 Jean Cavanaugh, Marilyn Piety, Naomi Spinrad & William Mentzer, for work on legislation amending county Accessory Apartment standards and approval process
2013/01 David Reile & Barbara Suddarth, Olney master plan and environment defenders
2012/12 Sophia Maravell, local and organic food and agriculture educator/activist
2012/05 Brickyard Coalition, and Sara Shor of "Save Nick's Organic Farm"
2012/04 David Lucia, Head Coach of Montgomery Cheetahs, one of only three special needs youth ice hockey clubs in Maryland
2012/03 Little Falls Watershed Alliance, water quality activitists
2012/02 Judith Higgins and Eleanor Duckett, land use planning and zoning activists
2012/01 Janis Zink Sartucci, education activist
2011/11 Neighborhood Montgomery, countywide zoning and land use education and activism group
2011/10 Marvin Weinman, budget and fiscal issues activist
2011/09 Washington Revels
2011/06 Save Our Parks/Preserve Our Community Coalition, Rosemary Hills-Lyttonsville neighborhood group
2011/05 George Lane, public safety advocate
2011/04 Gordon Clark, community gardens activist
2011/03 Mike Heyser, for volunteer education & training activities on farming and local food production
2010/11 Members of the Young Activist Club at Piney Branch Elementary School, and Sponsors Nadine Bloch and Brenda Platt
2010/05 Donna Baron, community activist
2010/04 Karen Roper, community activist
2009/04 Plyers Mill Crossing HOA, Plyers Mill Estates, and McKenny Hills Carroll Knolls Civic Association
2009/01 Sandy Spring-Ashton Rural Preservation Consortium
2008/09 Dick Kauffunger, community activist
2008/06 Faye Nabavian, Pat Price, and Al Geske, community activists
2008/01 Diane Cameron, environmental activist
2007/12 Harriet Lurensky Kuhn and Sue Ghosh Stricklett, community activists
2007/05 Eileen Finnegan, community activist
2007/04 Bernie Fisken, community activist
2006/12 Bette Petrides, environmental and community activist
2006/10 Steve Kanstoroom, community activist
2005/10 Clarksburg Town Center Advisory Committee
2005/09 Carol Green and Barbara Siegel, community activists
2005/04 Save Seven Locks School Coalition
2004/10 Laura Van Tosh, mental health advocate
2004/09 Bill Henry, Kay Cummins and VASAP Volunteers
2004/05 Ira Shesser, community activist
2004/04 Nancy Wendt, community activist
2004/03 Andrew White, volunteer fireman
2004/02 Dan Tuten, community activist
2004/01 Law Firm of Knopf & Brown