Montgomery County Civic Federation, Inc.

Sentinel ‘Federation Corner’ Columns

MCCF published a weekly column, entitled the “Federation Corner,” for many issues of The Montgomery County Sentinel newspaper from 2003 until 2016.  Click on the links below to read the printed articles. READ THE MONTGOMERY COUNTY SENTINEL
1/29/16:    Not going so green now, yes?
12/17/15: Climate change and the county
12/03/15: Radon problems in many public schools
11/21/15: A History of MCCF’s “Orphaned Roads”
11/05/15: Mont. County’s $52 million footnote
10/29/15: Affordability and responsibility
10/22/15: Delphi Oracle is overrated
09/17/15: The rat-with-antlers problem
09/08/15: Pepco and Exelon and Mont. County
08/27/15: Parents cheer back to school
07/01/15: No to the ITA, Yes to free RideOn
06/18/15: Time to say “No” once again
05/28/15: Birth pains of the Civic Fed. [Part 3 of 3]
05/21/15: Birth of Mont. County Civic Fed. [Part 2 of 3]
05/14/15: Congrats to the Civic Fed. Award winners
05/07/15: History of the MCCF [Part 1 of 3]
04/30/15: Kensington victory | Costco
04/23/15: Demolishing schools
04/16/15: County transportation options now
04/09/15: The future of transportation now
03/05/15: And now budget season
02/19/15: The next step in finding a superintendent
02/12/15: MCCF MCPS Budgetpalooza time
02/05/15: Bill MC24-15: Montgomery Transit

01/29/15: “NO” to Independent Transit Authority
01/22/15: Rockville Adequate Pub. Facilities Ordinance
01/09/15: Free, Appropriate Public Ed. for Disabled
12/31/14: The Civic’s top ten stories for 2014
12/24/14: Proposed Wheaton Costco Gas Station
12/18/14: Old data in Mobility Assessment Report
11/06/14: Group promotes healthy school food
10/30/14: Lessons in civic activism on land use issues
10/23/14: “Govt. by the people” starts with voting
10/16/14: Including citizens in govt. decisions
10/09/14: Fabulous fungus
10/02/14: Capital Improve. Program, Budget
09/25/14: Calling all young people...or some
09/18/14: Hearing on Wheaton Costco gas sta.
09/11/14: MoCo financial transparency website
09/04/14: Controlling county deer population
08/29/14: How civic groups improve our lives
08/21/14: Access to services for aging population
08/14/14: Presenting the Mont. County Civic Fed.
08/07/14: Planning Dept. software problems
07/31/14: How good land use plans go bad
07/24/14: Stumped about stumps?
07/17/14: Toward a more nimble bureaucracy
07/10/14: Land use plng.: small changes better?

07/03/14: In praise of grassroots activism
06/26/14: Promoting prosocial behavior
06/19/14: Farquhar Middle Sch.: civic action lessons
06/12/14: “Rain tax” scam, damaging environ. policies
06/05/14: Civic Fed. positions on transportation issues
05/29/14: C.C. puts community into double jeopardy
05/22/14: How vulnerable are county computers?
05/15/14: 3 activists honored at MCCF banquet
05/08/14: News on high schools, elections, emergency alerts
05/01/14: Civic Fed. salutes ped. safety activist Erwin Mack
04/24/14: Draft 2014 Mobility Assessment Report released
04/17/14: Money in politics influences county land use policy
04/10/14: Season of campaign promises upon us again
04/03/14: Generic campaign speech
03/27/14: Smart growth: county should lead by example
03/20/14: Debunking Chesapeake Bay environ. vs. economy
03/06/14: Steep price tag for new Rockville elem. school
02/27/14: Leg. shifts burden of proof in spec. ed. due process
02/20/14: When smart growth becomes stupid
02/13/14: Civic Fed. honors electric utility activists
02/06/14: First county Hackathon to be held this weekend
01/30/14: County still trying to catch up to growth
01/23/14: Trees...ya gotta love ’em!
01/16/14: Meaningful citizen participation in govt.

01/09/14: Mont. Co. needs coordinated long-range devel. plan
01/02/14: Residents, new sector plan ignored in Wheaton
12/26/13: Floreen proposes “bait and switch” to CR Zone
12/19/13: Federation weighs in on state legislation
12/12/13: Don’t miss out on Homestead Tax Credit
12/05/13: Council responds to concerns at zoning hearing
11/28/13: Facts on those moving to or from the county
11/21/13: Zoning problems accompany code rewrite
11/14/13: In praise of vintage neighborhoods
11/07/13: Planning Board to rewrite Farm Road history
10/31/13: Student pay, bank accounts at Rock Terrace School
10/24/13: Increased liquor sales to boost nighttime economy
10/17/13: Correcting misconceptions about bus rapid transit
10/10/13: Changing school food for the better
10/03/13: Hop on a bike!
09/26/13: Civic Fed. newsletter full of information
09/19/13: Master plans can regulate the pace of growth
09/12/13: Voice of the people sometimes needs amplification
09/05/13: September MCCF program on Affordable Care Act
08/29/13: Update on State transportation projects
08/22/13: Enforce law on intrusive exterior lighting
08/15/13: County needs to establish priorities
08/08/13: We may have problems here, but...
08/01/13: Chevy Chase Lake Plan sets bad precedent

07/25/13: Clarksburg Town Center revisited
07/18/13: In 2009 MCCF detailed cause of water main failures
07/11/13: As jobs, households increase, numbers don’t add up
06/27/13: County Exec. creates nighttime economy task force
06/20/13: Activists work on range of issues
06/13/13: Zoning changes = overcrowding in pub. schools
06/06/13: New zoning code could bring major changes
05/30/13: Wheaton Costco gas station update
05/23/13: Intrusive construction violates property rights
05/16/13: County ethics law has failed us
05/09/13: Bulldozers destroy North Four Corners meadow
05/02/13: What next for Brickyard Middle School site?
04/25/13: The 2013 Civic Federation Awards winners
04/18/13: Noisy WSSC water main replacement
04/11/13: Assault weapons legislation
04/04/13: Rights, wrongs in the roadside right-of-way
03/28/13: Is water quality initiative one tax too many?
03/21/13: Open government and the Md. Open Meetings Act
03/14/13: Reducing traffic congestion without adding to roads
03/07/13: Overview of proposed FY14 State budget
02/28/13: An analysis of the proposed FY2014 county budget
02/21/13: Simplicity is lacking in new zoning laws
02/14/13: Time to come clean on Brickyard Road site deal
02/07/13: Region is too congested for its own good

01/31/13: Site of planned gas station is too close for comfort
01/24/13: MoCo is economic developmentally challenged
01/17/13: Rapid transit news updates
01/10/13: Ideas for co. govt. New Year resolutions
01/03/13: County legislation to protect trees
12/27/12:Creating wine country in Ag Reserve
12/20/12:Destroying Belward Farm
12/13/12:Civic Fed. program on rainscapes
12/06/12:Maravell named Community Hero
11/29/12:County officials sending mixed signals
11/15/12:“Shop Small” on November 24
11/08/12:A call for improved govt. performance
11/01/12:Time for growth to pay for itself
10/25/12:Another view on the new roads test
10/18/12:C.C. cmte. muddies infrastructure plans
10/11/12:Legislation to require open government
10/04/12:Civic Fed. committee duties — Part 2
09/27/12:CountyStat Center renamed for Wayne Goldstein
09/20/12:Court strikes down approval of Olney development
09/13/12:Education news potpourri
09/06/12:Transit Task Force report
08/30/12:Federation committee duties — Part 1
08/23/12:Lost: one growth policy
08/16/12:September shaping up to be busy month

08/09/12:MCCF website contains a wealth of information
08/02/12:A snapshot of the Civic Federation
07/26/12:Improving county emergency preparedness
07/19/12:Clarksburg residents still waiting for their carousel
07/12/12:The value of neighborhood citizen associations
07/05/12:Inadequate county emergency response
06/28/12:Hearing on proposed new transit system
06/21/12:With mega gas stations, location is everything
06/14/12:Schedule of land use issues
05/31/12:June mtg.: Zoning Ordinance Re-Write
05/24/12:Are you listening, officials?
05/17/12:PROS (Park, Recreation and Open Space) Plan
05/10/12:Changes in county procedures
05/03/12:2012 MCCF Awards Banquet
04/26/12:Deep in the heart of taxes
04/19/12:Community celebrates threatened meadow
04/12/12:A big waste of money for nothing
04/05/12:Violation of Potomac Master Plan, pub. trust
03/29/12:Bills: accountability in property disp., econ. dev.
03/22/12:More on the Planning Director
03/15/12:Problems with Planning Dir. Rollin Stanley
03/08/12:Shared driveways, Chevy Ch. class warfare
03/01/12:More on teacher pension costs
02/23/12:Transparency on teacher pension costs

02/16/12:Is it time for voluntary austerity?
02/09/12:New infrastructure, maint. funds needed
02/02/12:Promoting natural playgrounds
01/26/12:County to get two transit facilities...sometime
01/19/12:Planning for future park, recreation facility
01/12/12:The art of passive politics
01/05/12:Task force plans bus rapid transit system
12/29/11:The year that wasn’t
12/22/11:Developers should pay share of growth costs
12/15/11:New schedule cuts MARC train service
12/01/11:Saving farm on Brickyard Road
11/17/11:Carl Sandburg Learning Ctr., student athletes/concussion
11/10/11:MCCF honors Neighborhood Montgomery
11/03/11:Governance a forgotten function of co. governing?
10/27/11:A guide to redistricting
10/20/11:Is it time for an Occupy Montgomery protest?
10/13/11:Current county education issues
10/06/11:Stormwater still a cloudy issue
09/29/11:European countries embrace multi-modal transport
09/22/11:Transit Task Force update
09/15/11:There is little transparency on sustainability
09/08/11:The need for focused leadership, citizen inclusion
09/01/11:Who is the Montgomery County Civic Federation?
08/25/11:Whole lotta shaking goin’ on

08/18/11:Mid-year report card: how are officials doing?
08/11/11:Infrastructure + schools = growth
08/04/11:Limits to growth, Part 3 (future need for schools)
07/28/11:Tale of Brickyard Road site, Nick’s organic farm
07/21/11:Limits to growth, Part 2 (future public schools)
07/07/11:Board of Ed., Plng. Board on future schools needs
06/23/11:Cost of a driveway across public parkland
06/16/11:New proposed higher urban noise limit
06/09/11:Roadside solicitation bill, Transit Task Force
06/02/11:Civic Fed. to host program on charter schools
05/26/11:Community Heroes save their local park
05/19/11:Artificial turf vs. natural sod playing fields
05/12/11:Montgomery Bicycling Conference
05/05/11:2011 Civic Federation Awards Banquet
04/28/11:Second middle school in B-CC cluster
04/21/11:Stormwater runoff | Artificial turf fields
04/14/11:An update on trees and forests
04/07/11:Budget blues: everybody unhappy
03/31/11:A new tax to help fund schools?
03/24/11:Heavy Council land use, planning schedule
03/17/11:The lowdown on the county budget
03/10/11:Co. fails transparency test on Brickyard Rd. lease
03/03/11:Accessory apartment debate has yet to occur
02/24/11:Nothing new about unreliable electricity service

02/17/11:Reorganizing county government
02/10/11:How trees enhance our lives
02/03/11:Civic Fed. monitors environmental issues
01/27/11:Pushing public involvement in government
01/20/11:Search for a new school superintendent
01/13/11:Treat soil compaction to improve stream health
01/06/11:Starting the year on a proactive note
12/30/10:Year of challenges lies ahead
12/23/10:A year of mixed results
12/16/10:Council doesn’t approve CE’s budget cuts
12/09/10:MCCF opposes selling surplus school property
12/02/10:Appalling behavior at Council hearing
11/18/10:Developer deal sweetened for White Flint funding
11/11/10:Funding the cost of infrastructure in White Flint
11/04/10:State underfunds pensions, health benefits
10/28/10:Rock that vote, baby!
10/21/10:Education matters
10/14/10:Take a closer look at the county budget
10/07/10:CE seeks to defeat ambulance fee referendum
09/30/10:The winds of change are blowing
09/23/10:Redevelopment often harms local businesses
09/16/10:Street trees need protection
09/09/10:Generic campaign speech
09/02/10:A new economic development model

08/26/10:The problems of “boutique” legislation
08/19/10:Power to the people
08/12/10:Future White Oak police station redesigned
08/05/10:Election season reality check on growth, transit
07/29/10:You’ll have to speak up
07/22/10:Pooches must pay to play
07/08/10:New CR zoning makes master plans unreliable
07/01/10:New zoning makes infrastructure planning impossible
06/24/10:Portable toilets to be removed from county parks
06/17/10:Season of campaign promises here again
06/10/10:Happy 85th, MCCF!
06/03/10:Public school gardens and the local food movement
05/27/10:Oh, deer! Part 2
05/20/10:Inaction an election year norm
05/13/10:MCCF endorses Carrier for Plng. Board Chair
05/06/10:2010 Civic Federation Awards
04/29/10:Sacrificing our environment to the budget
04/22/10:Death knell for Workforce Housing Program
04/15/10:Permanent closing of park buildings hidden in budget
04/08/10:It’s the traffic, stupid
04/01/10:Two on the budget
03/25/10:This (Urban Areas) scheme will return
03/18/10:Protecting neighborhoods
03/11/10:Redistricting the County Council

03/04/10:Rewriting the county zoning code
02/25/10:MCPS proposed Operating Budget
02/18/10:Oh, deer! Part 1
02/11/10:Truth of county east-west jobs rift
02/04/10:Neighbors helping neighbors
01/28/10:Police station, housing proposed for White Oak
01/21/10:White Flint plan out of balance
01/14/10:Planning enforcement is ongoing
01/07/10:Do corporate tax breaks and grants pay off?
12/31/09:Civic Federation helps educate county citizens
12/24/09:Treasure our county libraries
12/17/09:Traffic congestion hurts quality of life
12/10/09:Proposal for Rockwood rocks Woodrock
12/03/09:Coup that broke tradition for selecting C.C. Prez
11/26/09:A great big load of thanks
11/19/09:Getting the public involved
11/12/09:Passing the buck
11/05/09:Looking out for needs of county residents
10/29/09:A look at the Md. Public Service Commission
10/22/09:Respecting the suburban lifestyle
10/15/09:Who gets the bill (for growth)?
10/08/09:Parks: our best idea
10/01/09:Gaithersburg West plan a “monstro-city”
09/24/09:Did C.C. destroy Plng. Bd. vision for Germantown?

09/17/09:County Executive comments on growth policy
09/10/09:Co. Exec. silent on improving growth policy traffic test
09/03/09:Why growth sounds scary to county residents
08/27/09:The value of neighborhood citizen associations
08/20/09:What’s up with the county’s bottom line?
08/13/09:Scale back Science City to a science suburb
08/06/09:Good government doesn’t mean a bad reputation
07/30/09:Finally seeing the (traffic) light
07/23/09:Preserving the Cider Barrel
07/16/09:Planning for more school overcrowding
07/09/09:A national model of poor planning
07/02/09:Still waiting for action
06/25/09:C.C. missed deadline in law to appoint Plan. Bd. Commish
06/18/09:Is urbanizing of Germantown being rushed?
06/11/09:The voice of the people
06/04/09:Preserving affordably priced housing
05/28/09:A primer on county growth
05/21/09:MCCF history worth repeating
05/14/09:Montgomery County’s own Love Canal
05/07/09:MCCF Annual Awards Banquet
04/30/09:On the death of a friend — Wayne Goldstein
04/23/09:Development plan violations not disclosed
04/16/09:Introducing DENSIMAX
04/02/09:Does C.C. wish to destroy historic preservation?

03/26/09:For the common good
03/19/09:Two Silver Spring garden apt. historic designations
03/12/09:On the need to act greener
03/05/09:Latest truths about opportunistic Home Properties
02/26/09:Hijacking of planning underway
02/19/09:Are WSSC and M-NCPPC to be engulfed by perfect storm?
02/12/09:How to balance out of a $500m budget deficit
02/05/09:Foreclosures and the need for affordably priced housing
01/29/09:WSSC left behind by the response of others to PCCP crisis
01/22/09:Can anyone believe what WSSC says about its PCCP?
01/08/09 When the govt. finally got historic preservation
01/01/09:WSSC fails to confront the PCCP problem
12/25/08:Foreclosure crisis & need to preserve affordable housing
12/18/08:American women saved Mt. Vernon, democratized historic pres.
12/11/08:How the history of U.S. historic preservation began
12/04/08:Lawsuits filed against County Council, Planning Board
11/27/08:Let us give thanks
11/20/08:Measuring MCPS to other Maryland school systems
11/13/08:President Obama, take my Superintendent, please!
11/06/08:A listing of unresolved land use issues facing the county
10/30/08:Maryland’s sordid slots history about to be repeated
10/23/08:Slots study tells truth of all that’s false about gambling
10/16/08:What they don’t want you to know about gambling addiction
10/09/08:Show us the money that slots will bring

10/02/08:Growing pains
09/25/08:Master planning for failure
09/18/08:Weast’s ACT doesn’t hide truth of the SAT
09/11/08:Weast losing his war against the SAT
09/04/08:The amazing story of illegal school fees
08/28/08:Change for the better in MoCo land use processes
08/21/08:AYP also means Another Year of Propaganda
08/14/08:Does Johns Hopkins understand Smart Growth?
08/07/08:How Weast blames Simpson’s Paradox for his failures
07/31/08:Planning Board complains power is usurped
07/24/08:How good is cream of the crap served by Chef Weast?
07/17/08:Ever stranger behavior by the Plng. Staff Director
07/10/08:Bring carousel home to Clarksburg
07/03/08:How low is Home Properties willing to go?
06/26/08:Suburban Hospital’s destructive expansion plans
06/19/08:As always, MCPS spins failures into successes
06/12/08:Unions dictate pension policy to County Council
06/05/08:Strange behavior at the Planning Commission
05/29/08:Did MCPS deliberately misstate Newsweek H.S. rankings?
05/22/08:C.C. unilaterally capitulates to union demands
05/15/08:Annual MCCF Awards Ceremony
05/08/08:Unions and budget crises — 1990 and 2008
05/01/08:Unions, paper tigers and toilet paper
04/24/08:Weast the corrupter

04/17/08:Unplatted properties can’t pull building permits
04/10/08:WSSC hits bottom using scare tactics of exploding pipes
04/03/08:Montgomery College’s dubious distinction
03/27/08:Montgomery College and the Battle for Block 69
03/20/08:Getting to know the Real Montgomery College
03/13/08:John Q. Porter and the DIBELS debacle
03/06/08:Beware the Property Tax Assessor looking for your wallet
02/28/08:Why don’t we just abolish our Board of Education?
02/21/08:What’s new in MCPS land?
02/14/08:Accurate housing data needed
02/07/08:WSSC and the Loch Ness monster
01/31/08:Are MCPS, Board of Ed. corrupting U.S. education?
01/24/08:Civil rights, wrongs in MoCo: Farm Road in Sandy Spring
01/17/08:The curious case of John Q. Porter
01/10/08:Will Sandy Spring become the next Clarksburg?
01/03/08:United Kingdom really gets global warming
12/27/07:Global warming: energy savings from reuse of buildings
12/20/07:Whose music hall is Fillmore Music Hall in Silver Spring
12/13/07:More to County Resident Survey than meets the eye
12/06/07:Examine facts before mouthing off on affordable housing
11/29/07:Smog-eating cement and other miracles
11/22/07:Civic Fed. recommends changes in county policies
11/15/07:Court blesses corrupt ICC process
11/08/07:Whatever became of citizen inclusion?

11/01/07:Growth Policy impact on affordable housing
10/25/07:Policy Area Mobility Review (PAMR)
10/18/07:What Home Properties won’t bring to Silver Spring
10/11/07:Does Home Properties treat Mont. County like home?
10/04/07:Governor Used-to-be and the ICC
09/27/07:Brass tacks on growth policy
09/20/07:Grasmick repeats history, perpetuates cruel hoax
09/13/07:Weast + Grasmick: making students Dumb and Dumber?
09/06/07:MCCF Environment Committee activities report
08/30/07:Parks Dept. cluelessly lurches from CICO to UIOLI
08/16/07:Latest Weast BS on AYP, NCLB and AP
08/09/07:2006-07 MCCF Planning and Land Use Committee report
08/02/07:Poorly educated Superintendents threaten U.S. education
07/26/07:Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act
07/19/07:Weast, BoE can’t have it both ways on school overcapacity
07/12/07:Disastrous Churchill audit underscore MCPS failings
07/05/07:Department of Permitting Services drops ball again
06/28/07:Making dollars and sense of the growth policy
06/21/07:Time for Weast to stop lying
06/14/07:Weast’s MCPS PR machine is relentless, deceptive
06/07/07:Could a Principality of M-NCPPC issue its own stamps?
05/31/07:If every school system lies about it, why shouldn’t MCPS?
05/24/07:Weast’s uneasy truce with Special Ed is now war
05/17/07:BoE behavior in court room worse than in board room

05/10/07:Closing Kingsley Wilderness Prgm., special ed. programs
05/03/07:Time to revisit the growth policy
04/26/07:Will ICC right-of-way become future parkland?
04/19/07:Lawsuit against ICC tells of government manipulation
04/12/07:Ask not for whom the ICC tolls, for it tolls for thee
04/05/07:M-NCPPC: an ineffective bureaucracy by choice?
03/29/07:Clarksburg II — the development district mess
03/22/07:Jerry Weast:Rasputin, Richelieu, or Svengali to the BoE?
03/15/07:MEMA hides behind FEMA corruption to avoid responsibilities
03/08/07:New BoE worse in defying community expectations
03/01/07:Truth “outside scope of ICC project” — environ. stewardship
02/22/07:The way for affordable housing in the county
02/15/07:BoE and MCPS face their greatest challenge
02/08/07:The time for Ike Leggett to start CountiStat is now
02/01/07:The MCPS budget is neither simple nor rocket science
01/25/07:Road Code bill is unique opportunity for cooperation
01/11/07:County needs green Road Code
01/04/07:MCPS deception undermines new BoE reputation
12/28/06:Planning Board weary of Clarksburg and other crises
12/21/06:Updating our affordable housing programs
12/14/06:Real plans for slow growth
12/07/06:Audits, authority, and paying attention
11/30/06:Nameless intrigue surrounds Rockville library opening
11/23/06:CountiStat, 311 should be first order of business for CE

11/16/06:MCPS at war with itself over becoming the best
11/09/06:What I saw at the election
11/02/06:Insurance fraud by FEMA, insurance industry partners
10/26/06:M-NCPPC risks Fed. lawsuit over Forest Conserv. Law
10/19/06:Is Mont. County LEED or FEED on green buildings?
10/12/06:Pay attention to what MCPS says and does
09/28/06:Report underreports the underreporting of school violence
09/21/06:County leaders eager to scapegoat election officials
09/14/06:Plng. Bd. faces great challenge with Indian Spring project
09/07/06:County Council report card
08/31/06:Abrams erases line between party, nonpartisan positions
08/24/06:Voters forget real education decision makers
08/17/06:Be skeptical of Santas promising transportation solutions
08/10/06:Politicians’ empty promises on affordable housing
08/03/06:Crown Farm is now a bigger planning failure
07/27/06:Crown Farm annexation still marked by failure
07/20/06:C.C. risks humiliation, defeat with ZTA 06-18
07/13/06:Introducing the Mont. County Civic Fed.
07/06/06:Proper maintenance of Lake Needwood overdue
06/29/06:MoCo excludes residents from planning process
06/22/06:Failed again — twice!
06/15/06:C.C. risks credibility with refusal on COMSAT bldg.
06/01/06:Jerry Weast: School Supt. or real estate deal maker?
05/25/06:Annual Awards Banquet

05/18/06:Educating the Board of Education is hard work!
05/11/06: M-NCPPC unreliable in enforcing Forest Conservation Law
05/04/06:Environ. bureaucrats biggest obstacle to cleaner water
04/27/06:Future development concerns county must address
04/20/06:Wolf at the door?  KB Home is coming to Mont. Co.
04/13/06:Legitimacy of Crown Farm annexation more questionable
04/06/06:Policy FAA, FAA-RA, and the role of citizen task forces
03/30/06:Diggs Council haunts Gaithersburg annex. of Crown Farm
03/23/06:No justice on building violations
03/16/06:How much does MCPS waste on PR?
02/16/06:Plng. Bd. should investigate, enforce Site Plans
02/09/06:Our misunderstood and ignored transportation system
01/19/06:Time to stop Child Lot abuses in the Agricultural Reserve
01/12/06:Clarksburg plan one of many violated by developers
12/22/05:Bring the public to the table, NOW! — Carver Center site
11/24/05:Process for decision on Seven Locks School site
11/17/05:It’s our backyard
09/29/05:Siegel and Green receive Community Hero Award
09/22/05:Retain Peary High School property for possible future use
07/28/05:Testimony on group homes
05/26/05:Need for MCPS fiscal responsibility, transparency
05/12/05:The value of neighborhood citizen associations
04/21/05:A framework for planning in a mature county
04/14/05:Stick to the Charter limit on property tax increases

04/07/05:Celebrate rural MoCo | program on campaign financing
03/31/05:Traffic capacity test for development approval flawed
03/24/05:MCPS education policy clouded by politics
03/17/05:Pending election reform legislation in Annapolis
03/10/05:MoCo Operating Budget | Transit Oriented Mixed Use Zone
02/24/05:What is “mansionization”?
02/17/05:ZTAs abuse planning process | new TOMX Zone proposed
01/27/05:Spend limited school funds wisely
01/06/05:The truth about whether ICC will reduce congestion
12/30/04:MPDU (Moderately Priced Dwelling Units) legislation recap
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