Montgomery County Civic Federation, Inc.

MCCF Meetings

The following is a list of Civic Federation meetings, in reverse chronological order (starting with the most recent), linking to the recorded portions of those meetings.  Not all meetings were recorded.  To read the minutes of those meetings, see the MCCF newsletter issue for the following month.

Date Topic/Speaker
04/08/2024 #952: Housing Issues with Jason Sartori, Montgomery County Planning Director, and Lisa Govoni, Housing Planner, Montgomery County Planning DepartmentVIEW RECORDING
03/11/2024 #951: A Conversation with Montgomery County CAO Rich MadalenoVIEW RECORDING
02/12/2024 #950: A Conversation with Gwen WrightVIEW RECORDING
01/08/2024 #949: A Conversation with Montgomery County Executive Marc ElrichVIEW RECORDING
12/11/2023 #948: A Conversation with Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus JonesVIEW RECORDING
11/13/2023 #947: Protecting our Trees and Forest Canopy with Caren Madsen (Chair, Conservation Montgomery) and Peggy Dennis (MCCF First Vice President)VIEW RECORDING VIEW MADSEN POWERPOINT VIEW DENNIS PROPOSAL
10/09/2023 #946: A Conversation with Montgomery Planning Board Chair Artie Harris and Acting Planning Director Tanya Stern VIEW RECORDING VIEW HARRIS POWERPOINT VIEW STERN POWERPOINT
09/11/2023 #945: Land Use and Ethics | Delegate Vaughn StewartVIEW RECORDING
05/08/2023 #943: Stormwater and RaingardensVIEW RECORDING
04/10/2023 #942: Briefing on the Recommended FY2024 Budget | MoCo CAO Rich Madaleno VIEW RECORDING
03/13/2023 #941: Affordable Housing in Montgomery County.  Speakers Scott Bruton and Michael O’GradyVIEW RECORDING VIEW O’GRADY POWERPOINT
02/13/2023 #940: A Conversation with County Executive Marc Elrich VIEW RECORDING
12/12/2022 #938: A Conversation with Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus JonesVIEW RECORDING
11/14/2022 #937: Running a Successful Civic Association | McKenney Hills-Carroll Knolls Civic Association VIEW RECORDING
10/10/2022 #936: Pedestrian Safety Master Plan/I-270 Traffic Relief VIEW RECORDING
09/12/2022 #935: Setting Guardrails for Thrive Montgomery 2050 | Alissa Luepke Pier, Minneapolis architect and former member of the Minneapolis Planning Commission VIEW RECORDING
06/20/2022 Montgomery County Council-at-Large Candidate Forum [Also See Excerpt Below] VIEW RECORDING
06/20/22 Responses of At-Large County Council Candidates: “Would you support funding for the Office of the People’s Counsel?” [2 minutes]VIEW RECORDING
04/11/2022 #932: Recommended FY2023 County Budget Analysis | MoCo CAO Rich Madaleno VIEW RECORDING
03/14/2022 #931: Montgomery County Executive Candidate Forum VIEW RECORDING
03/10/2022 MCCF Briefing by Maryland State Ethics Commission VIEW RECORDING
02/14/2022 #930: The State of Education in Montgomery County VIEW RECORDING
01/10/2022 #929: A 2022 Maryland General Assembly Preview | Maryland State Senator Ben Kramer and Maryland State Delegate Marc Korman VIEW RECORDING
12/13/2021 #928: Policing and Public Safety in Montgomery County | Police Chief Marcus Jones VIEW RECORDING
12/12/2021 The Community Public Meeting on Thrive Montgomery 2050 VIEW RECORDING
11/08/2021 #927: Transportation and Pedestrian Safety in Montgomery County VIEW RECORDING
10/11/2021 #926: Montgomery County Housing Policies: Upzoning of Residential Neighborhoods [See Excerpts Below from Specific Presentations] VIEW RECORDING
10/11/2021 Housing Issues in Montgomery County | Aseem Nigam, Director, MoCo Department of Housing and Community Affairs [Excerpt from October meeting] VIEW RECORDING
10/11/2021 On Upzoning Residential Neighborhoods | Alissa Luepke Pier, architect and former Vice President of the Minneapolis City Planning Commission [Excerpt from October meeting] VIEW RECORDING
09/13/2021 #925: Thrive 2050 — An Assessment VIEW RECORDING
07/12/2021 MoCo Commission on Redistricting Briefing VIEW RECORDING
06/14/2021 #924: Annual MCCF Awards Celebration VIEW RECORDING
05/11/2021 MoCo Planning Staff Briefing on Thrive 2050 Draft General Plan VIEW RECORDING
05/10/2021 #923: Environmental Best Practices VIEW RECORDING
04/20/2021 Maryland Department of Transportation Briefing on I-270 and I-495 Expansion Plan VIEW RECORDING
04/12/2021 #922: The “Missing Middle” Housing Crisis in Montgomery County | Lisa Govoni and Jason Satori of the Montgomery County Planning Department VIEW RECORDING
03/08/2021 #921: Pedestrian Safety and Open Streets in Montgomery County VIEW RECORDING
02/08/2021 #920: Police Reform and Accountability | MoCo Police Chief Marcus Jones and County Councilmember Will Jawando VIEW RECORDING VIEW POWERPOINT
01/11/2021 #919: A Conversation with Marc Elrich VIEW RECORDING
11/9/2020 #917: Transportation Issues Facing Montgomery CountyVIEW RECORDING
10/12/2020 #916: Montgomery County’s General Master Plan Draft, Thrive Montgomery 2050 VIEW POWERPOINT VIEW FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS
11/09/2015 #870: The State of Maryland’s Economy | Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot VIEW RECORDING
03/15/2012 Board of Education Candidates’ Debate Forum PART ONE PART TWO
06/13/2011 Maryland Charter Schools 101: Let’s Start the Conversation PART ONE PART TWO