montgomery county civic federation, inc.

MCCF Officers and Committees (2017 – 2018)

[NOTE:  The “at” symbol (@) has been replaced with the word “AT” in email addresses below to prevent webcrawlers from capturing them.  When using these addresses, you must replace the word “AT” with the @ symbol.]


Position Name Email
President Jim Zepp president AT montgomerycivic DOT org
1st Vice President Bailey Condrey veep1 AT montgomerycivic DOT org
2nd Vice President Danila Sheveiko veep2 AT montgomerycivic DOT org
Treasurer Jerry Garson treasurer AT montgomerycivic DOT org
Recording Secretary         (vacant)

Appointed Positions and Past President

Position Name Email
Member at Large Shruti Bhatnagar shruti_bhatnagar AT yahoo DOT com
Member at Large Alan Bowser alan.bowser AT gmail DOT com
Member at Large Jonathan Halpern jonathandhalpern AT gmail DOT com
Member at Large Harriet Quinn
Newsletter Editor Jacquie Bokow civicfednews AT montgomerycivic DOT org
Database Manager Harriet Quinn membership AT montgomerycivic DOT org
Immediate Past President (vacant)

Standing Committee Chairs

Position Name Email
Education (vacant)
Environment Carole Ann Barth cbarth AT mindspring DOT com
Legislation (vacant)
Committee for Montgomery Alan Bowser alan.bowser AT gmail DOT com
Parks and Recreation Carole Ann Barth      cbarth AT mindspring DOT com
Planning and Land Use      Harriet Quinn PLUC AT montgomerycivic DOT org
Public Finance Alan Bowser alan DOT bowser AT gmail DOT com
Public Safety Jim Zepp jzepp AT mindspring DOT com
Transportation Jerry Garson garson AT comcast DOT net
Utilities Louis Wilen louis.wilen AT gmail DOT com