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Always, always the 26th of the month!

MCCF welcomes independently generated articles of county-wide interest.

Submit your article by the 26th of the month before you want your article to appear.  Both the Editor and the MCCF Executive Committee retain the right to edit, delay, or exclude any article.

Relevant photos are always welcome!

MCCF’s Civic Federation News is published electronically once a month — except July and August — and accepts no advertising.  It is distributed to all members individually, then added to the website.  Readers are welcome to share the newsletter with anyone.  Submit an article — by the 26th of the month for the next month’s issue — to civicfednews AT montgomerycivic DOT org.

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Civic Federation News | Print Version

Printed versions of older issues of the Civic Federation News may be read at the Montgomery County Historical Society.