Montgomery County Civic Federation, Inc.


The Wayne Goldstein Award

For Outstanding Public Service

This award recognizes outstanding public service contributions by an individual or group in Montgomery County.

Instituted in 1984 by The Journal Newspaper, it was called “The Journal Cup” until 1998, when The Gazette Newspaper assumed sponsorship.

In 2010, it was renamed in honor of MCCF Past President Wayne Goldstein, who passed away in 2009.

Recipients of The Wayne Goldstein Award

Read the June issues of the Civic Federation News to see further descriptions of the winners for those years.

Year Recipient
2021The Montgomery County Climate Action Plan Coalition
2020Safe Healthy Playing Fields Coalition
2019Talbot Avenue Bridge Centennial Committee
2018Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail
2017Jamison Adcock and the Coalition Against the Avery Road Depot
2016Sligo Creek Water Watchdogs
2015Save Our Seminary at Forest Glen (SOS)
2013Steven J. Kanstoroom
2012The Montgomery Countryside Alliance
2011Friends of the Library, Montgomery County
2010Hearts & Homes for Youth
2009 The Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County
2008Barbara Falcigno
2007Life Skills Workshop, Inc.
2006Save Seven Locks School Coalition
2005 Olney Boys & Girls Community Sports Association
2004 19 Montgomery County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Companies
2003The Arc of Montgomery County
2002Dolores Milmoe
2001Robert McCarthy
2000Doris Penico
1999Robert Jones
1998Mary Canapary, Gaithersburg Community Soup Kitchen
1997Karen Allyn
1996Samuel Sanchez
1995Montgomery InterCounty Connector Coalition
1994 Corporate Partners on Managerial Excellence in M.C. Public Schools
1993Norman Knopf
1992Blair Lee, IV
1991Robert Denny
1990Frank Vrataric
1989 Alliance of Local Associations for Regional Monitoring
1988Pamela Lindstrom
1987Jenny Sue Dunner & Dennis Lavalee
1986R. Scott Fossler
1985Rev. Lincoln Dring, Jr.
1984Allen Bender