montgomery county civic federation, inc.


101 Monroe Street ■ Rockville, MD 20850

TO PARK:  Drive onto the ramp in the front of the building.  (Ignore “Permit Parking Only.”)  Pass the first parking level on your left.  Turn left at the second, lower level.  Use the intercom at the gate to the parking garage and at the door to the elevators to inform security you’re attending the MCCF Meeting in the Lobby Level Auditorium.  Parking is free!


Meetings of the Montgomery County Civic Federation are held monthly (except July and August) on the second Monday evening of the month, at 7:45 p.m., in various locations around Montgomery County.  [See Calendar]  Meetings at the Executive Office Building are held in the Lobby Level Auditorium.  Walkers should use the intercom button at the doors to let Security know you’re attending the MCCF meeting.  To park, see directions at right.

Most monthly delegate assemblies include an informational program, followed by the business portion of the meeting.  The public is welcome to attend.  [Map courtesy of Google.]