MCCF Officers & Committees
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Position                                Name                        Home Phone        Office Phone               Email


President                          Paula Bienenfeld          240-899-2335 (cell)                        paula_bienenfeld AT

1st Vice President           Jim Zepp                        301-593-7863                                  jzepp AT

2nd Vice President          Alan Bowser                  301-608-3932                                  alan.bowser AT

Treasurer                          Jerry Garson                  301-765-9470 (home)                    garson AT
                                                                                   301-704-0757 (cell)

Recording                         Danila Sheveiko            301-254-6862                                  dsheveiko AT

    Appointed Positions and Past President

Member at Large             Virginia Sheard              301-949-3372         same              boots3303 AT

Member at Large             Harriet Quinn                  301-681-3591                                  hquinn333 AT

Member at Large             Jean Cavanaugh                                                                        jeancavanaugh AT

Member at Large

Member at Large

Public Relations              Sandy
Officer                                 Vogelgesang                  301-365-2347        same      AT

Newsletter Editor             Peggy Dennis                 301-983-9738        same               hotyakker AT

Database                          Harriet Quinn (pending)

Immediate Past
President                           Carole Ann Barth            301-593-7863        same              cbarth AT

              Standing Committee Chairs

Education                         Paula Bienenfeld              240-899-2335 (cell)                       paula_bienenfeld AT

Environment Co-Chairs Jean Cavanaugh                                                                         jeancavanaugh AT
                                          Carole Ann Barth              301-593-7863                              
    cbarth AT

Legislation                       Ira Unger                                                                                        ira.h.ungar AT
Co-Chairs                        Jay Harding                        301-438-0229                                  ilomai AT       

Committee for Montgomery - Paula Bienenfeld (

Parks and Recreation   Carole Ann Barth               301-593-7863                                  cbarth AT mindspring,com

Planning and
Land Use                         Virginia Sheard                  301-949-3372        same               boots3303 AT

Public Finance

Public Safety                    Jim Zepp                             301-593-7863                                  jzepp AT

Transportation                 Jerry Garson (acting)       301-765-9470 (home)                    garson AT
     301-704-0757 (cell)

Utilities                              Louis Wilen                                                                                     louis.wilen AT