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Sentinel ‘Federation Corner’ Columns

MCCF publishes a weekly column entitled the “Federation Corner” in The Montgomery Sentinel newspaper.  Below is a listing of those columns published in 2015.  To view an article, simply click on the title.

December 2015

12/17/15 Climate change and the county
12/03/15 Radon problems in many of our public schools

November 2015

11/21/15 A History of MCCF’s ‘Orphaned Roads’ Project
11/05/15 Montgomery County’s $52 million footnote

October 2015

10/29/15 Affordability and responsibility
10/22/15 Delphi Oracle is overrated

September 2015

09/17/15 The rat-with-antlers problem
09/08/15 Pepco and Exelon and Montgomery County

August 2015

08/27/15 Parents cheer back to school

July 2015

07/01/15 No to the ITA. Yes to free Ride On.

June 2015

06/18/15 Time to say ‘No’ once again

May 2015

05/28/15 Birth pains of the Federation [Part 3 of 3]
05/21/15 On the birth of Montgomery County Civic Federation [Part 2 of 3]
05/14/15 Congratulations to the Civic Federation Award winners
05/07/15 History of Montgomery County Civic Federation [Part 1 of 3]

April 2015

04/30/15 Kensington victory [Costco]
04/23/15 Demolishing schools
04/16/15 County options now [Transportation Options]
04/09/15 The future of transportation now

March 2015

03/05/15 And now budget season

February 2015

02/19/15 Moving on to the next step in finding a superintendent
02/12/15 Now it’s time for the Federation Budgetpalooza [Montgomery County Public Schools]
02/05/15 Keeping your eyes open [Bill MC24-15, Montgomery Transit]

January 2015

01/29/15 Just say “NO” to this plan [Independent Transit Authority]
01/22/15 Rockville under attack [Rockville Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance]
01/09/15 Fairness in Education First [Free, Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for Children with Disabilities]