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2011 ‘Federation Corner’ Columns

MCCF publishes a weekly column entitled the “Federation Corner” in The Montgomery Sentinel newspaper.  Below is a listing of those columns published in 2011.  To view an article, simply click on the title.

December 2011

12/29/11The year that wasn’t
12/22/11Developers should pay their fair share of the costs of growth [or “the 99%” will get the bill]
12/15/11New schedule cuts MARC train service
12/01/11Common sense demands saving the farm [on Brickyard Road, Potomac]

November 2011

11/17/11Two education issues [Carl Sandburg Learning Center & student athletes and concussion]
11/10/11Federation to honor Neighborhood Montgomery group
11/03/11Is governance a lost or forgotten function of county governing?

October 2011

10/27/11A guide to redistricting
10/20/11Is it time for an Occupy Montgomery protest?
10/13/11Current county education issues
10/06/11Stormwater still a cloudy issue

September 2011

09/29/11European countries embrace multi-modal transportation
09/22/11Transit Task Force update
09/15/11There is little transparency on sustainability
09/08/11 It's all too much, and yet not enough [on need for focused leadership and citizen inclusion]
09/01/11Who is the Montgomery County Civic Federation?

August 2011

08/25/11Whole lotta shaking goin’ on
08/18/11A mid-year report card: how are officials doing?
08/11/11The vicious circle of growth [infrastructure in addition to schools needed to accommodate growth]
08/04/11Limits to growth, Part 3 [County Council weighs in on future need for schools]

July 2011

07/28/11Tale of Brickyard Road site and Nick’s organic farm
07/21/11Limits to growth, Part 2 [sites for future public schools]
07/07/11Are we reaching the limit on growth? [Board of Education and Planning Board discussion of future schools needs]

June 2011

06/23/11What is the cost of a driveway? [across public parkland]
06/16/11Bring in da noise, bring in da smart growth [new proposed higher urban noise limit]
06/09/11Update on transportation issues [roadside solicitation bill and Transit Task Force]
06/02/11Civic Federation to host program on charter schools

May 2011

05/26/11Community Heroes save their local park
05/19/11Artificial turf vs. natural sod playing fields
05/12/11Montgomery Bicycling Conference set to roll out on May 14
05/05/112011 Civic Federation Awards Banquet will be held on May 13

April 2011

04/28/11Selecting the site for a second middle school in the B-CC cluster
04/21/11Focus on two environmental issues [devising a strategy to control stormwater runoff, and an update on artificial turf playing fields]
04/14/11An update on trees and forests
04/07/11Budget blues:  everybody will be unhappy!

March 2011

03/31/11A new tax to help fund schools?
03/24/11Heavy Council land use and planning schedule
03/17/11The lowdown on the county budget
03/10/11County government fails transparency test [re MCPS lease of Brickyard Rd. site, Potomac]
03/03/11 Accessory apartment debate has yet to occur

February 2011

02/24/11Nothing new about unreliable electricity service
02/17/11Reorganizing county government
02/10/11How trees enhance our lives
02/03/11Civic Federation monitors environmental issues

January 2011

01/27/11Pushing public involvement in government [Public Involvement Principles enacted in Portland, Oregon]
01/20/11Search for a new school superintendent
01/13/11Treating soil compaction will improve health of streams
01/06/11Starting the year on a proactive note