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2009 ‘Federation Corner’ Columns

MCCF publishes a weekly column entitled the “Federation Corner” in The Montgomery Sentinel newspaper.  Below is a listing of those columns published in 2009.  To view an article, simply click on the title.

December 2009

12/31/09Civic Federation helps educate county citizens
12/24/09Treasure our county libraries
12/17/09Traffic congestion hurts quality of life
12/10/09Proposal for Rockwood rocks Woodrock
12/03/09We was robbed [by coup that broke with tradition for selecting County Council President]

November 2009

11/26/09A great big load of thanks
11/19/09Getting the public involved
11/12/09Passing the buck
11/05/09Who is looking out for needs of county residents?

October 2009

10/29/09A look at the Maryland Public Service Commission
10/22/09Respecting the suburban lifestyle
10/15/09Who gets the bill (for growth)?
10/08/09Parks: our best idea
10/01/09Gaithersburg West plan a "monstro-city"

September 2009

09/24/09Did Council destroy the Planning Board vision for Germantown?
09/17/09County Executive comments on growth policy
09/10/09County Executive silent on improving the growth policy traffic test
09/03/09Why growth sounds scary to county residents

August 2009

08/27/09The value of neighborhood citizen associations
08/20/09What’s up with the county’s bottom line?
08/13/09Scale back Science City to a science suburb
08/06/09Good government doesn’t mean a bad reputation

July 2009

07/30/09Finally seeing the (traffic) light
07/23/09Preserving the Cider Barrel
07/16/09Planning for more school overcrowding
07/09/09A national model of poor planning
07/02/09Still waiting for action

June 2009

06/25/09Council missed deadline set in state law [to appoint new Planning Board Commissioner]
06/18/09Is urbanizing of Germantown being rushed?
06/11/09The voice of the people
06/04/09Preserving affordably priced housing

May 2009

05/28/09A primer on county growth
05/21/09MCCF history worth repeating
05/14/09Montgomery County's own Love Canal
05/07/09MCCF Annual Awards Banquet

April 2009

04/30/09On the death of a friend — Wayne Goldstein
04/23/09Development plan violations not disclosed
04/16/09Introducing DENSIMAX
04/02/09Does the County Council wish to destroy historic preservation?

March 2009

03/26/09For the common good
03/19/09A tale of two Silver Spring garden apartment historic designations
03/12/09On the need to act greener
03/05/09The latest truths about methodically opportunistic Home Properties

February 2009

02/26/09Hijacking of planning underway
02/19/09Are WSSC and M-NCPPC about to be engulfed by a perfect storm?
02/12/09How to balance our way out of a $500 million budget deficit
02/05/09New year, old problem [foreclosures and need to preserve affordably priced housing]

January 2009

01/29/09WSSC left behind by the response of others to the PCCP crisis
01/22/09Can anyone believe what WSSC says about its PCCP?
01/08/09When the government finally got it about historic preservation
01/01/09WSSC endangers us by failing to confront the PCCP problem