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2008 ‘Federation Corner’ Columns

MCCF publishes a weekly column entitled the “Federation Corner” in The Montgomery Sentinel newspaper.  Below is a listing of those columns published in 2008.  To view an article, simply click on the title.

December 2008

12/25/08All I want for Christmas [the foreclosure crisis & need to preserve affordable housing)
12/18/08How American women saved Mount Vernon and democratized historic preservation
12/11/08How the history of U. S. historic preservation began
12/04/08Lawsuits filed against County Council and Planning Board

November 2008

11/27/08Let us give thanks
11/20/08How does MCPS measure up to other Maryland school systems?
11/13/08President Obama, take my Superintendent, please!
11/06/08Whatever happened to... [a listing of unresolved land use issues facing the county]

October 2008

10/30/08Maryland’s sordid slots history about to be repeated
10/23/08Slots study tells the truth of all that’s false about gambling
10/16/08What they don’t want you to know about gambling addiction
10/09/08Show us the money that slots will bring
10/02/08Growing pains

September 2008

09/25/08Master planning for failure
09/18/08Weast’s ACT doesn’t hide the truth of the SAT
09/11/08Weast losing his war against the SAT
09/04/08The amazing story of illegal school fees

August 2008

08/28/08Change for the better [in county land use processes]
08/21/08AYP also means Another Year of Propaganda
08/14/08Does Johns Hopkins understand Smart Growth?
08/07/08How Weast blames Simpson’s Paradox for his failures

July 2008

07/31/08What’s good for the goose... [Planning Board complains power is usurped]
07/24/08How good is the cream of the crap served us by Chef Weast?
07/17/08Ever stranger behavior by the Planning Staff Director
07/10/08Bring carousel home to Clarksburg
07/03/08How low is Home Properties willing to go?

June 2008

06/26/08Suburban Hospital’s destructive expansion plans doomed to fail
06/19/08As always, MCPS spins failures into successes
06/12/08Unions dictate pension policy to County Council
06/05/08Strange behavior at the Planning Commission

May 2008

05/29/08Did MCPS deliberately misstate Newsweek’s high school rankings?
05/22/08County Council unilaterally capitulates to union demands
05/15/08Annual MCCF Awards Ceremony
05/08/08Unions and budget crises — 1990 and 2008
05/01/08Unions, paper tigers and toilet paper

April 2008

04/24/08Weast the corrupter
04/17/08Accident waiting to happen [unplatted former farm properties can’t pull building permits]
04/10/08WSSC hits bottom using scare tactics of exploding pipes
04/03/08Montgomery College’s dubious distinction

March 2008

03/27/08Montgomery College and the Battle for Block 69
03/20/08Getting to know the Real Montgomery College
03/13/08John Q. Porter and the DIBELS debacle
03/06/08Beware the Property Tax Assessor looking for a shortcut through your wallet

February 2008

02/28/08Why don’t we just abolish our Board of Education?
02/21/08What’s new in MCPS land?
02/14/08Accurate housing data needed
02/07/08WSSC and the Loch Ness monster

January 2008

01/31/08Are MCPS and the Board of Education helping to corrupt U.S. education?
01/24/08Civil rights and wrongs in Montgomery County in 2008 [re Farm Road in Sandy Spring]
01/17/08The curious case of John Q. Porter
01/10/08Will Sandy Spring become the next Clarksburg?
01/03/08United Kingdom really gets global warming