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2007 ‘Federation Corner’ Columns

MCCF publishes a weekly column entitled the “Federation Corner” in The Montgomery Sentinel newspaper.  Below is a listing of those columns published in 2007.  To view an article, simply click on the title.

December 2007

12/27/07Getting it about global warming [Richard Moe on energy savings from reuse of buildings]
12/20/07Whose music hall is it anyway? [re proposed Fillmore Music Hall in Silver Spring]
12/13/07More to County Resident Survey than meets the eye
12/06/07Examine facts before mouthing off about affordable housing

November 2007

11/29/07Smog-eating cement and other miracles
11/22/07MCCF on a positive note [re Federation recommendations for change in county policies]
11/15/07Court blesses corrupt ICC process
11/08/07Whatever became of citizen inclusion?
11/01/07Whining about the Growth Policy [re impact on affordable housing]

October 2007

10/25/07A growth test no one can fail...or understand [re PAMR, or the Policy Area Mobility Review]
10/18/07What Home Properties won’t bring to Silver Spring
10/11/07Does Home Properties treat Montgomery County like home?
10/04/07Governor Used-to-be and the ICC

September 2007

09/27/07Brass tacks on growth policy
09/20/07Grasmick repeats history and perpetuates the cruel hoax
09/13/07Weast and Grasmick: a team making students Dumb and Dumber?
09/06/07MCCF Environment Committee activities report

August 2007

08/30/07Parks Department cluelessly lurches from CICO to UIOLI
08/16/07Latest Weast BS on AYP, NCLB and AP
08/09/072006-07 MCCF Planning and Land Use (PLU) Committee activities report
08/02/07Poorly educated Superintendents threaten U.S. education

July 2007

07/26/07Professor Leggett needs to remember laws are based on facts, not fear [Federal RLUIPA — Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act — and county Forest Conservation law]
07/19/07Weast and BoE can’t have it both ways about school overcapacity
07/12/07Disastrous Churchil audit findings underscore MCPS failings
07/05/07DPS (Department of Permitting Services) drops the ball again

June 2007

06/28/07Making dollars and sense of the growth policy
06/21/07Time for Weast to stop the lying
06/14/07Weast’s MCPS PR machine is as relentless as it is deceptive
06/07/07Could there be a Principality of M-NCPPC that can issue its own stamps?

May 2007

05/31/07If every school system lies about it, why shouldn’t MCPS?
05/24/07Weast’s uneasy truce with Special Ed is now war
05/17/07BoE behavior in court room worse than in board room
05/10/07Weast continues to rule his kingdom from a distance [re closing Kingsley Wilderness Program and other special education programs]
05/03/07Time to revisit the growth policy

April 2007

04/26/07Will ICC right-of-way become future parkland?
04/19/07Lawsuit against ICC tells of government manipulation
04/12/07Ask not for whom the ICC tolls, for it tolls for thee
04/05/07M-NCPPC: an ineffective bureaucracy by choice?

March 2007

03/29/07Clarksburg II — the development district mess
03/22/07Jerry Weast:  Rasputin, Richelieu, or Svengali to the BoE?
03/15/07MEMA hides behind FEMA corruption to avoid responsibilities
03/08/07New BoE worse than old BoE in defying community expectations
03/01/07Truth is ‘outside the scope of the ICC project’ [re ICC Environmental Stewardship projects]

February 2007

02/22/07Recent events point the way for affordable housing in the county
02/15/07BoE and MCPS face their greatest challenge
02/08/07The time for Ike Leggett to start CountiStat is now
02/01/07The MCPS budget is neither simple nor rocket science

January 2007

01/25/07Road Code bill presents unique opportunity for cooperation
01/11/07County needs green Road Code
01/04/07MCPS deception undermines new BoE reputation