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2006 ‘Federation Corner’ Columns

MCCF publishes a weekly column entitled the “Federation Corner” in The Montgomery Sentinel newspaper.  Below is a listing of those columns published in 2006.  To view an article, simply click on the title.

December 2006

12/28/06Planning Board weary of Clarksburg and other crises
12/21/06Updating our affordable housing programs
12/14/06Real plans for slow growth
12/07/06Audits, authority, and paying attention

November 2006

11/30/06Nameless intrigue surrounds Rockville library opening
11/23/06CountiStat and 311 should be first order of business for Ike Leggett
11/16/06MCPS at war with itself over becoming the best
11/09/06What I saw at the election
11/02/06Insurance fraud is perpetuated by FEMA and its insurance industry partners

October 2006

10/26/06M-NCPPC risks Federal lawsuit over failures to enforce Forest Conservation Law
10/19/06Is Montgomery County LEED or FEED on green buildings?
10/12/06The community must pay attention to what MCPS says and does

September 2006

09/28/06Report underreports the underreporting of school violence
09/21/06County leaders eager to scapegoat election officials
09/14/06Planning Board faces great challenge with Indian Spring project
09/07/06County Council report card

August 2006

08/31/06Abrams erases line between party and nonpartisan positions
08/24/06Voters forget who are the real education decision makers
08/17/06Be skeptical of Santas promising transportation solutions
08/10/06Politicians' empty promises on affordable housing
08/03/06Crown Farm is now a bigger planning failure

July 2006

07/27/06Crown Farm annexation still marked by failure
07/20/06County Council risks humiliation and defeat with ZTA 06-18
07/13/06Introducing the Montgomery County Civic Federation
07/06/06Proper maintenance of Lake Needwood long overdue

June 2006

06/29/06County accelerates pattern of excluding residents from the planning process
06/22/06Failed again — twice!
06/15/06County Council risks its credibility with refusal to evaluate COMSAT building
06/01/06Jerry Weast: School Superintendent or real estate deal maker?

May 2006

05/25/06Annual Awards Banquet
05/18/06Educating the Board of Education is hard work!
05/11/06 M-NCPPC unreliable in enforcing Forest Conservation Law
05/04/06Environmental bureaucrats biggest obstacle to cleaner water in Montgomery County

April 2006

04/27/06Concerns about future development the county must address
04/20/06Wolf at the door?  KB Home is coming to Montgomery County
04/13/06Legitimacy of Crown Farm annexation is more questionable than ever
04/06/06Policy FAA, FAA-RA, and the role of citizen task forces

March 2006

03/30/06Ghost of Diggs Council haunts Gaithersburg annexation of Crown Farm
03/23/06No justice on building violations
03/16/06How much does MCPS waste on PR?

February 2006

02/16/06Planning Board should investigate and enforce Site Plans
02/09/06Our misunderstood and ignored transportation system

January 2006

01/19/06Time to stop Child Lot abuses in the Agricultural Reserve
01/12/06Clarksburg plan one of many violated by developers