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2004 ‘Federation Corner’ Columns

MCCF publishes a weekly column entitled the “Federation Corner” in The Montgomery Sentinel newspaper.  Below is a listing of those columns published in 2004.  To view an article, simply click on the title.

December 2004

12/30/04MPDU (Moderately Priced Dwelling Units) legislation recap
12/16/04Civic Federation learns urban planning Viennese style
12/09/04State needs to face fiscal reality of the ICC [InterCounty Connector highway]
12/02/04School capacity numbers don’t add up

November 2004

11/25/05MCPS school planning flawed
11/18/04Montgomery County has unneeded school sites:  says who?
11/11/04County Council out of touch with reality about housing
11/04/04How is transit paid for in Maryland?

October 2004

10/14/04Wrong diagnosis underlies Post’s pessimism on smart growth
10/07/04Question C, Board of Education forum, and ambulance fees

September 2004

09/30/04County recently improved RideOn service, SmarTrip cards, Board of Education candidates forum
09/23/04Federation opposes accessory apartments changes
09/16/04Federation opposition on affordable housing legislation [third of 3 columns in series on housing]
09/09/04Frequently broken WSSC sewer lines
09/02/04Conceded: proposed ICC environmental impacts cannot be mitigated

August 2004

08/12/04Council proposes changes for accessory apartments [second of 3 columns in series on housing]
08/05/04Incumbent protection squad fights Question C & introductory meeting with Police Chief Manger

July 2004

07/29/04New County Council residential development proposals [first of 3 columns in series on housing]
07/22/04Who is the Montgomery County Civic Federation?
07/15/04Council increases property taxes

May 2004

05/27/04Ike Leggett strongly supports smaller County Council districts
05/20/04Looking for efficient government
05/13/04Politics and schools mix again, and we all lose
05/06/04Largo meeting to discuss ICC

April 2004

04/29/04Honoring Ike Leggett
04/08/04A modest proposal:  government by the people
04/01/04April 17 ceremony in honor of Ike Leggett, and Baltimore Mayor O’Malley brings CITISTAT to the Civic Federation

March 2004

03/25/04It’s time to do something
03/18/04‘Designer legislation’ process should be stopped
03/11/04Legislative notes from the Civic Federation

February 2004

02/19/04School Board candidate review
02/12/04‘One size fits all’ approach doesn’t work
02/05/04The Council’s rash decisions have had big consequences

January 2004

01/29/04The Montgomery County Commission for Women holds its annual legislative briefing
01/22/04Deadly intersection: small impact tax, big growth
01/15/04Proposed resolution on transportation funding
01/08/04Civic Federation President Lamari defends volunteer firefighters
01/01/04PEPCO outages: fruit of deregulation, or trees?